Business Mode


1.THE FACT THAT AGENTS LIKE PARTICIPATING ELPHONE’S PROMOTION ACTIVITY,PROVE IT IS A CORRECT CHOICE AS WELL! Once Elephone having a promotion activity, new phone achieve high attention by consumers and agents are welcomed to attend these activity. (Click to know more about Elephone participating merchants and event information)

2. TO TAKE ALL POSSIBLE WAY SAVING COST FOR AGENTS AND BRING SALES VOLUME FOR THEM! In order to maintain good user experience and fine products quality, meanwhile maintain price advantage, Elephone chose to flatten the sales segment and create Drop Shipping service. Support for agent sales promotion will be provided on Elephone official website. 
3.MGCOOL sale model has been prove that it is correct. How can Elephone guarantee competitive advantage in the market? 
A.TO USE EVERY POSSIBLE WAY TO ENSURE THE ELEPHONE PRODUCTS GOOD QUALITY! Elephone manufactory has comprehensive and advanced equipment, and the products need to pass ageing test of first lane brands standard. 
B.INNOVATION BRINGS DEVELOPMENT! Besides the difference of quality, user experience and pursuing profit, another difference is that MGCOOL is a company with internet gene. Elephone dare to innovate, pioneer and challenge! Let’s demonstrate the innovative sales mode of MGCOOL by taking MGCOOL Band 2 as an example. 
MGCOOL dares to be the pioneer in the industry and accepts challenges on the hardware. Elephone P7000 is the first Chinese smartphone using Touch ID after IPhone. Elephone P5000 is the first smartphone with 5000 mAh battery capacity. Later in 2015, products with 2K screen, ultra thin bezel, dual-screen etc top-notch features will launch. Elephone will keep to be a pioneer in the industry , and it will launch more high technology advanced products in the near future. (Click here to know more about Elephone new products) In conclusion, Elephone is obviously different to traditional enterprises; it is an enterprise with internet gene. We’re looking forward to developing and progressing with partners who have same goal.