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SCUBA DIVE and capture the world beneath you

Published: 2017-07-07




More than 70 % of earth is covered with water. That's almost three fourth of our planet, unchartered and unexplored. Our inability to breathe underwater has kept us away from the magical water world and its hidden treasures. But now, there's a safe and fun way to explore this world underneath, thanks to Scuba diving.







Scuba diving is not just an adventure sport or a recreational activity. It's a life changing event. Once you scuba dive, you will change for sure. The world beneath, is simply magical and scuba diving is a safe and probably the easiest way to explore it.








SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Scuba Diving simply refers to the activity of diving underwater with a SCUBA, which will help you breathe in water at an ambient pressure. Originally devised for underwater warfare during World War II, today it is used primarily for recreational and scientific purposes.   








This is one interesting sport as there is absolutely no competition. The ocean is huge and you have something for everyone. You can start scuba diving as early as 10 and as such there's no upper age limit. If you are reasonably healthy then you can dive. In fact it’s a great sport for people who are physically handicapped and athletically challenged as once you are in water you are weightless and can perform tasks, which otherwise would have been difficult. Moreover the deeper you go the lighter you feel thus it’s one of the rare ways to experience weightlessness.





Finally nothing beats the ‘wow’ factor as, one on one interaction with marine life. Be it swimming with sharks or cruising with the dolphins or swimming through underwater caves or even floating through ancient shipwrecks. Deep sea is way more interesting than the land.  Also once you have faced your fear of deep sea diving, you become a confident person. After all if you can handle the dangers of the ocean, you can definitely handle anything above it.






You don't need to be certified





It's a huge misconception that you need to be certified and get expert training before you go for your dive. In fact, there are institutions which take you for your first dive after just a daylong training. It is highly advisable to go for your first dive before certification as then you can ascertain whether diving is really meant for you. Also don't worry about potential dangers. Beginner divers are always partnered with expert instructors and are not allowed to go very deep. So learn the basics and go for the dive.



Pick the right spot.





Another amateur mistake is picking the wrong spot. Naturally the tropics and coral reefs are very interesting spots for diving. But if you are from the cold north, do not spend thousands of dollars to come down to the tropics, for your first dive. It's better to experience the dive in an environment familiar to you. Once you ascertain that you like scuba diving, you can think about vacationing around the world at exotic diving locations.



Never dive alone





This tip is not just for beginners but for every single diver out there. The world beneath the sea is potentially dangerous. Humans were not meant to venture below the waters and hence you never know what may go wrong. Thus even if you are an experienced diver, you should never dive alone. Always have an expert buddy or instructor with you.




Always carry an underwater camera






Never go for a dive without a camera. The world above you and the world below you are totally different and there's always something interesting to be seen and captured. Thus even if it's your first time or maybe only time, it’s logical to carry an underwater camera. 






Here Mgcool Explorer pro comes in handy. It’s one of the best waterproof action cameras on budget. You get 4K HD video shooting, Sony IMX 179 Sensor with BSI, 170 degree wide angle view and 6G SHARKEYE HD lens for distortion correction, perfect for your recreational diving.



Don't be afraid of the sea





The first time is always scary. Many people bow to their fear and give up on this once in a lifetime experience. However it's important to overcome your fear. Recreational diving is very safe and can be done by almost everyone. So stop thinking and just do it. Trust me you won't regret it.





Finally don’t forget to capture your first interaction with marine life on camera. As mentioned earlier, the first dive is life changing. Its cements your relation with the sea and decides your future course. Many have found their true calling underwater and you can be one of them. So immortalize your maiden voyage underwater with Mgcool Explorer Pro